To Be and Build the Change We Want to See in Our Communities

Our Story

Lupine Properties, founded in 2010, is a Real Estate, Construction, and Facilities Management firm located in Southern California. Services include, but not limited to real estate acquisition, project management, general contracting, and ongoing facility maintenance. Our broad range of expertise allows us to execute a project from start to finish with an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

For a decade Lupine has cultivated long-term expertise in servicing private and public entities by offering a turnkey solution to clients’ industry specific needs. With the client always in mind, Lupine has earned recognition by providing cost-effective services to clients in complex and rapidly changing markets.

All Lupine employees are screened via LiveScan background check and have passed their TB test.

Lupine is a construction and development company specializing in commercial and retail/office building, remodeling, tenant improvements, and facility maintenance. Since 2010, Lupine has proudly helped grow and improve Southern California communities.

Lupine is named after a perennial flower native to the US that represents imagination and positivity – traits our founders wanted to be sure their company represented in its field.

Our Mission

Our company exists to provide accessible, honest services to clients delivering successful projects on time and on budget.

Agility You’ve heard “on-time and on-budget” a time or two before, are we right? In construction, on-time and on-budget can be hard to find. We stay successful by staying nimble. We pride ourselves on fast, creative problem-solving , staying honest, calm, communicative, and full of resolve, no matter what the obstacle.

Transparency We aim to build long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients, and we know that can only be achieved with clear communication. You’ll always get a straight answer from us, even when we don’t know the answer – but don’t worry, we’ll find it as soon as we can.

Diversity What truly sets Lupine apart from the crowd? Our team. We are committed to creating a balanced workplace of passionate, forward-thinking leaders, project managers, and support staff that bring diverse insight to our office, resulting in a client-customer experience like no other.

Goodwill With a deeply rooted belief in the power of education, Lupine was originally founded for the purpose of remodeling and building schools dedicated to helping at-risk youth. Today we continue to work regularly with non-profit education companies to help them improve their learning environments. We also take great pride in giving back to the local community, offering Career and Technical Education courses to high school students to help prepare them for success upon graduation.