Construction & Development

Our enthusiasm lies in paying meticulous attention to details, design, and operational effectiveness. Every undertaking commences with a vision that harmonizes a well-considered layout with the essential requirements of those who will ultimately benefit from the end result. This dedication to gaining comprehensive knowledge of each project enables us to prioritize operational efficiencies while maintaining project feasibility.

We Offer The Following Services


Lupine will can help with your demo to help get your project off to the right start. We are experts in interior demolition, building demolition, structural demolition,
concrete cutting and breaking and disaster clean up.


Our framing and rough carpentry contractors perform any form work, framing or rough carpentry necessary to construct framed structures.


Lupine makes the tough task simple. From removing old, damaged pieces to hanging new drywall, our professional installers handle the project from beginning to end.


Whether it’s an air vent or new countertops, our installation professionals have the skills and the experience to make installation fast and easy.


You can depend on Lupine to provide the commercial and residential plumbing services that keep your systems performing their best.


Lupine technicians specialize in electrical maintenance and upgrading to ensure your projects are as updated as possible.


Brighten up your next project with Lupine painting services! Our expert technicians can improve the aesthetic of your project with paint, varnish, lacquer, stain, and more!

Green Materials & Practices

By incorporating energy-efficient technologies and employing eco-conscious building materials, Lupine can help you promote a healthier and more sustainable future for our planet.

Plus Much More

You can depend on Lupine to provide the commercial and residential plumbing services that keep your systems performing their best.

Effective Expertise

From design and drafting to paint and carpet, we’ve got you covered. With our extensive list of internal resources and trusted business partners, we can start working right away to help you develop an idea or get started on existing plans.

Construction Management

We manage all of our own projects, from builds to tenant improvements. If you already have plans and contractors or teams in place, we can manage them á la carte, providing you with much needed stress relief. Management service includes the coordination of permits, inspections, sub-contractors, timelines, budgets, and payments.

Joint Venture

If you’ve got a great idea, but lack the resources to make it happen, we’d love to speak with you. We see our clients as partners from the simplest repair to full-scale builds. We welcome the opportunity to chat with you about your unique real estate opportunity and how we can be of assistance.